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The animals in our lives are incredible beings who share our world; each species has unique differences that we should recognise and celebrate.  Most of us who share our lives with animals, want to do the very best for them, but it is getting harder and harder to know what that ‘best’ really is.

The veterinary profession as we know it today has evolved from its roots in farriery and animal healing in many different forms from the back man to the herbalist.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons was established in 1844 by Royal Charter and is the governing body of the veterinary profession in the UK with it's statutory duties being laid out in the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.  For many decades, until the pharmaceutical industry became firmly established, veterinary surgeons, working within their guidelines for professional conduct, would integrate different modalities to achieve their ultimate goal of improving the health and welfare of the animals in their care.  In recent times, the pharmaceutical industry dominates and the word 'science' is now owned largely by this sector.  Everything that is outside of this framework has become marginalised and pushed back into your hands i.e. the hands of the animal owner.  It is tempting to fall into the 'us and them' trap, the trap where we shun everything we don't understand or the trap where we trust everything that uses the word 'science' and the phrase 'evidence based' or the trap where we will only use things that are 'natural'.  The moment we close our minds and fall into a trap of any kind our world shrinks and the ability to do the best for our animal companions, shrinks with it.


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The True Animal Plan (TAP) was established in 2019 by veterinary surgeon and CAM professional Sue Armstrong, to restore the concept of integration and help provide animal owners and veterinary and other animal health professionals with current information and choice.  

Samuel Hahnemann, the 'father' of modern homeopathy, in his Organon of Medicine, instructed doctors to:

  • Clearly perceive what is to be cured in diseases
  • Clearly perceive what is curative in medicines 
  • Select the most appropriate medicine for the disease expression of each individual and give it in the right dose, at the right frequency and for the right duration 
  • Recognise and where possible remove, obstacles to cure

Those statements may seem very simple on first reading but they have great depth and are not only applicable to homeopathic practice.  The blogs, webinars, top tips, events and discussions, available for members of TAP, are all aimed at fulfilling these requirements.  Our aim is not to turn you into mini vets, but to help you understand why your vet might suggest a certain diagnostic test or treatment, know how your animals body works, know what different treatment options are available and how to access them and most of all gain a balanced view.

As a TAP Member you will receive access to a monthly blog, top tip, webinar, access to our TAP Connect meetings, the TAP Community and discount on events. In addition there is now a substantial back catalogue of material for you to enjoy. 

We also provide a separate three year online course, TAP into DOGS, open to all animal owners and animal professionals, providing the Foundations of Health and Wellbeing for Canines.  The course includes canine anatomy, physiology, behaviour, nutrition, disease, CAM modalities and so much more. All existing TAP members will receive 20% discount if they wish to sign up for the course.

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